In a press release by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office they’ve announced that Reginald Roderick Robertson, the fiancé of Tiffany Foster, who has been missing since March of 2021 has been charged with the following crimes, all of which relate to the March 2021 disappearance of Mrs. Foster.

The CCSO press release also stated the following:

While the body of Tiffany Foster has not been officially recovered, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is certain that all the evidence collected in this case confirms that she is in fact deceased, and we are confident in all charges taken.  There are other avenues and leads still in progress that may also be released at a later date.

Robertson remains in custody at the Coweta County Jail where’s he’s been held without bond since his April 21st, 2021 arrest on charges stemming from an a separate incident that occurred in November 2020 involving Tiffany Foster.

Robertson is set for an arraignment on these new charges in the coming days.