On Patrol: Live

How to watch On Patrol: Live

With the addition of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office as one of the featured agencies on the REELZ Network show On Patrol: Live, many are asking how you can watch it. I’ll attempt to provide some guidance below.

When to Watch

On Patrol: Live airs each Friday and Saturday night from 9 PM to Midnight EST. It is preceded by the associated On Patrol: Live – First Shift, which starts at 8 PM EST and updates incidents from the previous shows as well as other content filmed with the included agencies.

How to Watch

On Patrol: Live is broadcast on the REELZ Network. Below are the channels of the most common local providers. A more inclusive list can be found here.

Cable Providers

WOW ( NuLink )

Does not include the REELZ channel in their lineup. You must use a streaming option.

AT&T U-Verse

Channel(s) 1799 HD / 799 SD


Channel(s) 858 HD / 173 SD


Channel(s) 1429 HD / 176 SD

Satellite Providers


Channel(s) 238 HD / 238 SD

DISH Network

Channel(s) 299  HD / 299 SD

Streaming Services

All streaming services can be viewed on your laptop or desktop computer. Some have apps that are available for Smart TVs if you’d like to stream it on the big screen.

By far the cheapest streaming option it includes previous episodes on demand and live play of the show. Also included is a vast offering of shows and movies in the NBC Network.

$5.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

I don’t have any experience with Philo, but it seems to be a decent cable replacement streaming service that offers over 70 channels, including REELZ.

$25 a month

Sling TV is meant to be a Cable replacement streaming service and offers a ton of live channels that can be added too. REELZ is included in the base channel line up.

$40.00 to $55.00 a month depending on options chosen.

How to watch on Peacock Streaming

I’ve had a number of people ask how to find the live show on Peacock streaming. Here’s a guide below. Note this is for locating the live show in a browser.

Login to your Peacock account and go to the home page.


In the top menu, locate “Channels” at the right of the menu. Click it.

On the bottom of your screen, a grid of channels with entries for what’s currently playing and what’s upcoming should appear as shown below.

You may need to scroll up or down the list, however, you will see an entry that reads “REELZ” on the left and On Patrol: Live or On Patrol: First Shift. Click this entry and it will move On Patrol to the yellow highlighted entry at the top as seen below.

This will also start the live broadcast of the show in the browser. Congrats, you’ve done it!