Special Report: The Murder of Tiffany Foster

Our summary of the Investigation of the Murder of Tiffany Foster

Welcome to NCST’s Special Report Coverage of the Murder of Tiffany Foster. We’ve worked painstakingly to collect all the public information available in the investigation thus far and will continue to update as soon as any new information becomes available. Below you will find a summary of the events thus far, but for a more detailed view, please see our Event’s Timeline. We’ve have a page dedicated to tracking the case proceedings for Reginald Robertson’s case stemming from a 2020 incident between Robertson and Foster.  The full listing of our coverage can be found at the bottom of this page.

The March 1st, 2021 disappearance of Tiffany Nicole Foster from the Newnan apartment she shared with her fiancé, Reginald Roderick Robertson, left the community stunned and her family and children fighting for answers.

Tiffany Nicole Foster, a 35 year old mother of 3, was last seen March 1st when she reportedly left the apartment she shared with her fiancé, Reginald Robertson, to run errands and do some shopping.

Robertson would say that he became worried around 10 PM that night when she hadn’t returned to the apartment where he’d stayed with her children. When Tiffany failed to show up to a her college class the next morning, March 2nd, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office was notified and a Missing Person’s case was officially opened.

In the coming days Tiffany’s family and friends would become more and more worried as she failed to show up to her first scheduled work shift since she’d gone missing. Her disappearance was made public and flyers started circulating.

In one of the more perplexing turns of the investigation on March 8th, 2021 her vehicle would be located abandoned in the parking lot of a mini-mall in College Park, some 40 miles from her apartment in Newnan.  While very few details are given at the time, we’d learn from a later press conference that found inside the vehicle were has her purse containing her debit card and the keys to her apartment.

Tiffany Nicole Foster

In-Depth Coverage

As days counted by, Tiffany missed a flight to Texas to visit family, a ticket she’d already paid for. On March 23rd the CCSO held a press conference where they were joined by Foster’s sister, Kimberly Bryan, as well as her fiancé Robertson. The press conference included details about the missing vehicle and confirmed the details known at that point. Robertson took to the podium in what many in the community felt was an odd and deceptive plea for information.

Seven days later, the CCSO would make an announcement that they arrested Robertson on a charge of Theft by Taking, explaining it stemmed from the fact they’d discovered that Robertson had moved Foster’s vehicle from an unknown location to the parking lot in College Park where it was located on March 8th. While CCSO Investigators stated Robertson was not, still, a suspect in her disappearance, they have never stated what they believe his motivation in moving her vehicle was or how he came to be in possession of it.

On the heels of that development, the CCSO announced April 21st, 2021 that they’d again arrested Robertson. This time for charges relating to Tiffany Foster, just not with her disappearance. The charges; Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Assault Aggravated with a Firearm, and Burglary First Degree, instead stemmed from an incident in November 2020 between Robertson and Foster.  Again, the CCSO would state that despite these charges, and a growing pattern of suspicious behavior, Robertson was not considered a suspect and they were still treating the investigation as an active Missing Person case. Robertson has been incarcerated on these charges, without bond, since his arrest. He was indicted by the Coweta County Grand Jury on the charges in July 2021. 

The next two years would be a heart wrenching period, devoid of any public movement in the investigation as Tiffany’s friends and family members fought to keep her disappearance fresh in the mind of the community and hope alive that she’d be found safe. This time period saw the world fight through the pandemic, the local community hit hard by an EF-5 tornado and much more, but through it all, her family and friends kept hope alive. As recently as the Newnan 4th of July parade in 2023 scores of volunteers handed out flyers bearing Tiffany’s picture and a reward for information on her disappearance. 

On August 3rd, 2023, after 2 years of no breaks in the case, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office announced they’d charged Foster’s fiancé, Reginald Roderick Robertson, with a slew of charges relating to her disappearance. Those charges include Felony Murder, Malice Murder, Concealing the Death of Another, Rape, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Forgery in the First Degree, Financial Transaction Card Theft, and Financial Transaction Card Fraud. The announcement concluded with the following statement:

” While the body of Tiffany Foster has not been officially recovered, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is certain that all the evidence collected in this case confirms that she is in fact deceased, and we are confident in all charges taken.  There are other avenues and leads still in progress that may also be released at a later date. “

On October 16th, 2023, Reginald Robertson was indicted on all charges for which he was charged on August 3rd, 2023. In addition, Jeremy Arnold Walker Sr. was indicted on two charges in relation to her disappearance and murder including Theft by Taking and Concealing Death of Another. Their arraignment has been set for November 15th, 2023.

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