Person of Interest in Tiffany Foster Murder Investigation Identified

The Coweta County District Attorneys Office named Jeremy Arnold Walker Sr, 46, as a person of interest in the Tiffany Foster Murder on Tuesday during a hearing in the Coweta County Superior Court.

During the hearing, in which Walker’s attorney fought, and won, to set aside a Failure to Appear charge that stems from an arrest and charge in April of 2021, the ADA representing the State told the court that they have video of Walker assisting Reginald Robertson in moving her vehicle to a parking lot in Riverdale days after she disappeared. They also stated they believed he had more information regarding the case.

Walker was a known associate of Robertson around the time of Foster’s disappearance in 2021, living in an apartment across from Foster and Robertson’s in Lakeside Apartments ( Now Creekside. )

Tuesday’s hearing was the first public confirmation of his involvement by authorities.

Walker was originally arrested in April of 2021 on a charge of Felon in Possession of a Weapon. According to court documents CCSO Inv. Scott Kilgore became aware of Walker’s attempt to sell a gun via text during his investigation into the disappearance of Tiffany Foster.

He bonded out on that charge within days of his arrest and within months had moved to a new address in Delaware. He was indicted on October 4th, 2022 and an arraignment date was set for November 3rd, 2022. Walker failed to show up, prompting a bench warrant to be issued for his arrest and a charge of “Failure to Appear” to be added to the case.

In March of this year, the CCSO and DA’s office located Walker in a Jail in DE and informed the DE Department of Corrections of their intent to extradite Walker back to Coweta County on his charges.

In May, DA “Herb” Cranford Jr. requested that the GA Governor issue a “Governors Extradition Warrant” for Walker, a requirement for the State of Delaware to send Walker back to Coweta County.

On July 11th, weeks before Robertson would be charged with the Murder of Foster, Jeremey Arnold Walker Sr. was extradited back to Coweta County and booked into the Coweta County Jail after CCSO Investigators were sent to Delaware and escorted him via plane.

Tuesday’s hearing saw the Judge set aside Walker’s Failure to Appear charge, essentially dismissing it. As a result Walker is now being kept only on the initial Felon in Possession charge for which he must find a new bonding company as the previous one ( who had sued him for missing the first appearance ) is no longer on the bond. His bond on that count is $2000.

The Judge also stipulated that Walker must reimburse the State for the cost of his extradition before he can be released. According to Court records the total cost was $3,936.30.

During the hearing, Walker’s lawyer stated he was going to return to Delaware upon his release. The Judge set his next court date as January 29th, 2024 for a status hearing on the case.

At this time, Walker has not been charged with any involvement in the Tiffany Foster Case.