Reginald Robertson, the fiancé of Tiffany Foster, made his first court appearance on the charges levied against him August 3rd, 2023 by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Robertson was charged with the following in regards to the 2021 disappearance in March of 2021.

Robertson appeared before Coweta County Magistrate Court Judge Robert Stokely on Monday Morning. Robertson, who has been jailed in the Coweta County Jail since April of 2021 on separate charges, appeared in a prison jump suit without legal representation. 

After calling Robertson’s case, Judge Stokely started by reading him his Miranda Rights ( normal procedure when a defendant doesn’t have legal representation present ). 

 After reading the rights to Robertson the Judge asked him if he understood them, to which Robertson stated he did not. After a quick exchange, Robertson was provided with a printed copy of his rights and told to consult his lawyer when they were appointed for further explanation.

Judge Stokely then read aloud the charges against Robertson, asking Robertson again if he understood the charges he’d be read. Robertson responded “No sir, I do not understand these charges, or rights, or any of the meaning about these charges.”

Judge Stokely responded, “Well, I’m sorry. I’ve told you all I know and am capable of telling you, so I would suggest you get an attorney.”

Due to the crimes Robertson was charged with, the Magistrate is unable to set a bond, leaving Robertson to remain in the Coweta County Jail without bond. Robertson also remains in jail without bond on his April 2021 charges.