Reginald Robertson and Jeremy Walker Sr. were both on the Coweta County Superior Court Docket this morning, however, neither defendant was present.

Instead, through filings to the court through their lawyers, both defendants waived their right to an arraignment, pleaded not guilty, and requested a jury trial. This is a common occurrence in cases where suspects have lawyers prior to their arraignment hearing. 

Court documents show that Robertson is being represented by Grady Moore, who works for the public defenders’ office and filed the waiver of arraignment on Oct 23rd, while Walker is being represented by Skyler Taylor, a private attorney based in Peachtree City and is also representing Walker on his separate charges of Felon in Possession of a Firearm charge.

Robertson remains in custody at the Coweta County Jail without bond for his charges relating to both the murder and previous criminal acts against Foster. Walker remains on bond for his separate charges and currently resides in Deleware.

The next court date for this case was set for March 21st, 2024. Walker however has a court date for his separate case on January 29th, 2024.

We will continue to update with any new information that becomes available.