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On 8/22/23, an anonymous community member asked the following.


Has the lake in the neighborhood been searched? I lived there right on the lake and never saw anyone search there.


We can find no information to support that an organized search has been undertaken by investigators in regards to the lake within Creekside at White Oak.


While we can find no information regarding an organized search, that doesn’t mean no search has occurred, even if conducted by the family and friends in the last 2 years. Given the facts that are known of the case – she was seen leaving the complex but no witnesses have come forward stating seeing her or her vehicle within the complex after that point, it would seem hard to envision a scenario in which she would find her way into that body of water.

One would also have to take into consideration that given the location there are people active within the complex and within sight of the body water at most times of the day. Also, the lake is well trafficked by residents, including some that fish the area, and a great number that walk their dogs around the edge of the lake. Given the amount of time since her disappearance, now murder, it would stand that some amount of evidence would have been located or noticed by residents in the area.


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