The Docket for the Coweta County Superior Court shows a scheduled criminal, non-jury hearing for the Luther “Luke” Coe murder case against Cheryl Howell Coe on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 at 9AM.

According to the case proceedings, the last motion entered in the case was in April of this year when Coe’s attorney submitted a motion to modify conditions of bond.

In that motion, Coe, by way of her attorney, asks that the existing stipulation of her bond order expressly prohibiting Coe from entering the State of GA unless she is going to appear in Court or to meet with her attorney, be modified to allow for her entry into the state for other legal reasons and to be able to transport her mother to medical appointments within the state.

Since bonding out of jail, Coe has been living with her 76-year-old mother in Phenix City, Alabama.

There is no record within the case proceedings to inform if the bond modification was approved or not.