September 2023 Booking Statistics
September 2023 Booking Statistics
Statistics for all Bookings for September 2023

The following information has been compiled by the NCST staff using the booking information provided by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office who operate the Coweta County Jail.

There was a total of 497 bookings in September 2023. These bookings resulted in 1075 charges.

Suspect Residence Statistics

The following information is compiled using the home address given at the time of booking.

Bookings by Suspect’s State of Residence

Bookings by Suspect’s City of Residence within GA

Suspect Characteristics

Race and Sex categories are provided by the Coweta County Jail.

Bookings by Suspect’s Race

Bookings by Suspect’s Sex

Bookings by Age range

Age distribution of suspects booked in September 2023. Age is at the time of booking.

Crime Statistics

Number of Charges by Agency

Charges by Type

Charges by Local LEO Agency

Count of Charges